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PHPizabi PHPizabi is another social networking script that charges a fee to remove their branding.They are rapidly approaching 100,000 downloads of their software, and have a few impressive-looking demo sites listed on their website.If there's one site people love to emulate with their own niche versions, it's Digg.Fortunately, there are good platforms to do just that.Around Me Around Me is an open source social networking app that supports Open ID. We haven't seen many sites running on the platform.Get Boo Get Boo allows you to save you favorite sites and share them with your friends.Some of the more interesting Pligg-based sites are Plug IM, Sk*rt, Sphinn and Simply Fired.News Cloud News Cloud is another content management system that has a story ranking feature.

The default layout is slightly more newsy than Digg-like.

Scuttle is a PHP/My SQL-based social bookmark system.

I’m sure you know of the social network called Facebook right?

It also supports public and private group creation.

Scuttle While Scuttle has not been updated in over a year, the code is still available on Source Forge.

Mugshot Developed by Red Hat, Mugshot allows you to post what you are reading and listening too, and share it with you friends.